Neck Pain

Resolving neck pain can be challenging at times, but taking a systematic approach to properly diagnose the root cause along with including the brain with physical rehab and chiropractic care gives us a rare advantage to maintain a high success rate.

Some of the most common root causes of neck pain that are too often not considered are the following:

1. New or Old Head Trauma such as concussions (mild traumatic head injury), which are often undetected from even minor car accidents, falls and sports injuries.  When the brain is injured the number one area of compensation is the muscular system, primarily the neck.

2. A Weak Eye Muscle or a deficiency in the neural control of the eyes can cause the eyes to rest off center in the orbit.  If your eyes are more comfortable in an eccentric position, your head position and posture will have to compensate in order to maintain your line of sight.  As result of these postural compensations in your neck and spine you may suffer from vertebral miss-alignments in your neck, muscle stiffness and pain.

3. Vestibular/Balance Disorders can be responsible for significant compensations in posture.  The semicircular canals located in the inner ear perceive angular movement of your head and relay that information to your brain.  The signals from these 6 canals have the greatest influence on anti-gravity muscles which allow you to have good posture.  Poor posture has been associated with neck pain in numerous studies.

4. Movement Disorders are often a result of an imbalance in a region of the brain called the Basal Ganglia.  The basal ganglia can affect the resting muscle tone of your body and most disorders of the basal ganglia often affect the neck first.