Meet the Chiropractor

Dr. Noel graduated from Life University in 2002 with a Doctorate of Chiropractic and a Bachelors degree in Nutrition. 

He also obtained post graduate degrees as a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board, Fellow of the American Board of Childhood Developmental Disorders, Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner, Certified in the Kennedy Spinal Decompression Technique, Certified by LPG in the use of the Spine Force machine and Certified by the Back Project in the use of the ATM2 rehabilitation method. 

There is not one chiropractic technique that can help every patient, for that reason Dr. Noel is constantly refining his skills and expanding his knowledge by attending an average of 10 seminars per year which is 10 times the state board requirement.

Dr. Noel is dedicated to giving each patient the best care possible to allow everyone to live at their highest potential.  He resides in the community with his wife Kendra, his daughter Olivia and his sons Tristan and Chase. 

Dr. Noel is also an inventor of products designed to help people improve brain health and spinal health from the comfort of your home.  For more information on the Home Spinal Decompression System Click Here.  For more information about the Focus Builder App for brain rehabilitation Click Here.

My Story

God created me with a defective heart.  Little did I know, it would shape the rest of my life and brighten many others.  I was born with an aortic valve too small for my heart, so as I grew it was more and more difficult for blood to flow out of my heart and into my body.  At age 15, my valve was beginning to fail and I experienced 3 ischemic attacks within 3 months.  Later that year I had open heart surgery to replace my valve with a mechanical valve. 

As my life begun with my new hardware, I was very grateful for my new ability to be active with a more normal stamina.  I could finally play competitive ice hockey, run and really push myself physically without feeling like my heart was about to explode.  But, I still had some concerns.  I was told that I had to take a blood thinning medicine, called Coumadin, for the rest of my life.  I was also told to avoid contact sports since a blow to my head could be deadly and I was instructed to limit my intake of green leafy vegetables due to their high content of vitamin K, which promotes clotting.  My life saving drug was also my greatest enemy.  I quickly realized that nobody had an alternative solution and if there was one, I would have to find it myself.  In the mean time I continued to play full contact ice hockey and eat green leaves as my stubborn intuition supported my decision against doctors’ orders.

I always knew I was going to have a career in healthcare, so I was looking for a profession that would give me the knowledge to understand how the body works, how my mechanical heart valve works, and the ability to find an alternative to my blood thinning Coumadin.   As thankful as I was to the allopathic profession for saving my life, I was very unsatisfied with their lack of suggestions to promote better function in my heart and prevent potential dysfunction in my mechanical valve.  Doing yearly echocardiograms was not my idea of prevention; it sounded more like a sit back and watch to see when it breaks down approach, then put in a new one.  I knew that I had to choose a profession that was not afraid to think outside of the box, a profession that works with the universal intelligence that we live in and the innate intelligence within us.  I chose to become a chiropractor and a nutritionist.

I believe that God speaks to all of us.  Some don’t believe it’s Him speaking, others ignore Him, some don’t hear Him even though they have the ability to hear.  But I always recognized that voice as one coming from God, so I faithfully listened to it and it always steered me in the best direction.  Part of the answer I was looking for was finally given to me in 2001, and it was revealed to me in its entirety in 2008.  Faith and patience does lead to miracles.  In 2003,  I discontinued taking Coumadin completely and I have not taken any drugs since then.  The solution was a combination of the following components:  a natural enzyme blend to prevent and dissolve excessive clotting without interfering with the normal healing response; following an anti-inflammation diet; exercising frequently at a challenging yet comfortable pace; managing time efficiently to minimize stress; removing interference within the central nervous system; supporting the detoxification systems; and having faith that it would all work. 

Finding the solution to my health dilemma made me realize that as long as we have faith, everything is possible.  My mission is to help and educate as many people as possible to achieve their full living potential and become the best version of themselves, as God intended them to be.  I am fully dedicated to every patient in my hands.  I am committed to do what ever it takes to help them get their health back and empower them to keep building it up.  My commitment can be seen through my endless passion to never stop learning, and to take on the most challenging cases, even if finances are an obstacle.  I am dedicated to giving the best up to date care possible at an affordable rate.

I hope my story was an inspiration to you and I hope that you find the answers you are seeking.  Every month I am better than the previous in resolving health challenges, but I am aware of my limitations, and sometimes giving my best is finding the right health care practitioner for the right patient.  I hope to be part of your story, in the role of problem solving or appropriate guidance. 

God Bless You,

Cedrick Noel

Mark 9:23 “Everything is possible for him who believes”

Dr Noel's Certifications:

  • Bachelors Degree in Nutrition from Life University
  • Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University
  • Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board
  • Fellow of the American Board of Childhood Developmental Disorders
  • Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner
  • Certified in the Kennedy Spinal Decompression Technique
  • Certified by LPG in the use of the Spine Force machine
  • Certified by the Back Project in the use of the ATM2 rehabilitation method

Dr Noel was a guest speaker at Journey Christian Church in Roswell GA on 1/31/16.  The message was about "The Power in Your Weakness" and is very inspirational for anyone facing adversity.