The ATM2 machine is designed to eliminate pain or stiffness associated with movements in the spine, neck, back, pelvis, hips, knees, and shoulders.  The ATM2 is an upright mobilization system, which means that the patient is standing and stabilized to a mounted pad by a belting system.   Most patients feel comfortable and pain free once belted.  The isometric exercises are designed to teach your brain to no longer associate pain with the previously painful movement.


Comments from Dr. Noel:

This tool has far surpassed all my expectations. My partners and I are always looking for ways to help patients get better faster and stay well longer. What I have found is that 90% of patients that are candidates for the ATM2 will have at least 75% reduction of their pain or stiffness after the first visit. 

Repeated visits are required to achieve permanent results and the required frequency of visits varies from case to case depending on the patient's complicating factors.

I have also noticed how effective the ATM2 has been in correcting imbalances in spinal alignment. I have since created my own protocols to reduce scoliosis, restore the cervical lordosis (neck curvature), also known as the “Arc of Life”, and restore the lumbar lordosis (low back curvature).   Athletes love this machine! It improves the smoothness of bodily movements, accelerates reaction time, increases stability and efficiency of the athlete’s movements. It is one of the most essential muscle balancing machines.