Pulsed Electro Magnetic Stimulation

We are bioelectrical beings, which means that the trillions of cells that compose every organ and living tissue in your body have an electrical charge.  If the cells of your body are energetically weak, they become more sluggish and less efficient.

The body is an environment composed of both chemical and electrical fields and at any one time we are only as healthy as our cells can be in that environment. Our cells are like an electric battery; subject to states of charge or depletion. Our cells conduct the electrical charges created by our central nervous system. Each cell functions as a receiver as well as transmitter, thus conducting the flow of electricity and chemicals. A compromised electrical system results in faulty communications; no messages are sent and no healing chemicals can be manufactured.

The French scientist George Lakhovsky, whose work was inspired by the work of Nicola Tesla, viewed disease as a battle of vibrations between the body’s cells and pathogenic viruses and bacteria. Therefore, if the cell was energetically weak, the invading organism could win this “vibration contest,” thus infecting the cell.

In our office, the pulse electro magnetic frequency device is either a full body mat that you lie on, or a smaller higher power mat or a probe for focused applications.  The sessions last 8 to 24 minutes while the mat pulses magnetic energy at a frequency matched to the frequency in which the brain operates at the present time of day, which helps to synchronize your circadian rhythms.  The intensity does not exceed the ones found in our natural environment.

This technology accelerates healing and improves your feeling of restfulness.  

How often should I do it?

Each individual is in a different healing state; therefore the frequency can vary from monthly to multiple times daily.

How long does it last?

The sessions last 8, 16 or 24 min.

How does it feel?

During the session, you can’t feel the magnetic energy.  Most patients feel very relaxed and rested after the session is completed.  We can also combine sound and light therapy to balance the hemispheres of the brain.

How much does it cost?

The treatment is included in our all inclusive payment plans.

How does it re-energize cells?

The ideal resting membrane potential of a human cell is -70 milivolt.  A cancer cell is closer to +20 milivolt.  Pulsed electro magnetic frequency brings the resting membrane potential back towards its ideal potential, allowing the cell to function with more efficiency and greater endurance.