Spinal Rehabilitation

What is it?

Dr. Noel’s spinal rehabilitation program is a neurologically based approach, which means that the parts of your brain that control your spinal stabilizing muscles are also being reinforced along with the spinal correction.  The core of the program is known as the Pettibon Technique with the addition of the ATM2 and the Spine Force machines.  Brain based therapies, such as light and sound, are applied simultaneously on an individualized basis.  In order to begin your rehabilitation program you must be out of the initial acute phase.  In most cases, the patient's symptoms are almost completely gone before they begin the corrective rehabilitation.

The rehabilitative phase of care is composed of in-office care and home care.  In-office care includes spinal warm-up exercises before your visit with the doctor, individualized adjustments according to your neurological presentation, muscle balancing, and spine specific corrective exercises to strengthen and balance your spine.  Home care is performed twice per day in most cases and the frequency is reduced once you reach the maintenance phase.

The corrective phase can take from 6 weeks to 2 years depending on your age, your current state of health, complicating factors and especially depending on the severity of preexisting spinal remodeling due to poor spinal hygiene. 

Maintenance care is equally as important as the corrective phase.  It is a crucial time to permanently solidify the changes that you have achieved.

If you want to know if you are a candidate for our spinal rehabilitation program, call us to set up an appointment.  No previous x-rays or MRI’s are required, but bring everything you have to your appointment if available.