Sports Chiropractic

Chiropractic has become widely accepted in professional sports and is considered instrumental in enhancing performance, treating and preventing injuries.  Dr. Noel sees many athletes of all ages, amateur and professional.  What sets Dr. Noel apart from most sports chiropractors is his ability to evaluate the relationship between the brain and the body’s ability to move in a smooth coordinated manner. 

Problems in the limbs or in the core of the body can have a soft tissue origin, segmental origin (joints), or neurological origin.  Understanding the difference is the greatest gift an athlete can receive, since it will give them the ability to resolve their problem and enhance performance much faster.  If an athlete has a problem in one or more of those three areas, the body will start compensating and lose efficiency in its ability to move.

Dr. Noel has more than a decade of experience working with professional athletes in baseball, hockey, football and golf